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Succuelence Classes

Shop Succulence online in our garden center or for unique plant varietals shipped directly to you.

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Virtual Events

Succulence Virtual Events

Succulence does virtual events!  We’ll ship our plant art kits all over the world. Get comfy at home and have a plant party with your friends or colleagues.

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Planting Bar

Succulence Planing Bar

Pick out plants and planters, then get to work. It is always available from 10am-6:30pm everyday. Make terrariums, vertical gardens, or regular plantings with an array of functional and decorative materials, and help from our staff as needed.

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Moss Walls

Succulence Moss Walls

Our moss walls are each one-of-a-kind unique pieces of art, created for you with your input. Choose from a variety of styles, moss types, and other natural materials.

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