Private Events

Our private classes and planting bar events give your group a chance to have fun together while nurturing everyone’s identity as a plant artist! Participants will gain plant knowledge, get their hands dirty, and leave with their own creation, complete with care instructions.

The classes generally run for 90-120 minutes, but can be easily tailored to fit your group’s time-frame. We serve wine and light snacks at our onsite events.

See below for all of our class descriptions, and how we can create our popular planting bar at your event.

  • Succulence Private Events
  • Succulence Private Events
  • Succulence Private Events
  • Succulence Private Events
  • Succulence Private Events
  • Succulence Private Events
  • Succulence Private Events
  • Succulence Private Events

Terrarium Workshop

Terrarium Workshop

Plant a 5″ hanging globe terrarium utilizing an array of 2″ plants that you will get to choose from and a huge variety of mosses, pebbles, sands and tumbled glass to decorate with.
 Learn about the layering required for your terrarium’s longevity.

Vertical Gardening DIY

Vertical Gardening DIY

Learn how to use a variety of vertical gardening products and then make a do-it-yourself vertical garden planting succulents in sphagnum moss.

Ask us about upgrades to both the vertical gardening and terrarium workshops.

Moss Walls

Moss Walls

Learn how to create your own maintenance-free moss wall, and all about the different mosses that grow in nature and can be dried and used in no maintenance green art.


Designing with Airplants

Designing with Airplants

Learn all about these rain forest plants including caring for, maintaining and propagating them. Design a 5″ hanging globe aerium utilizing an array of tilandsia (airplants) that you will get to choose from and a variety of mosses, pebbles, sands, tumbled glass, sticks and other natural elements.

Discover Succulents

Discover Succulents

Our knowledgeable staff will teach you about the care, maintenance, propagation and transplanting of succulent plants and then walk you through planting up a selection of plants in pottery and decorating it with rocks, sands and mosses.


Kokedama Class

Learn about the history and technique of wrapping plants in moss.  We’ll teach you all about caring for, maintaining, propagating and transplanting succulents, and walk you through planting your own kokedama balls with plants of your choice.


Demystifying Houseplants

Explore the fascinating world of houseplants and learn tried and true methods of caring for them.  Create a gorgeous planting utilizing our awesome selection of 4″ houseplants, decorative rocks, tumbled glass and moss.

Plant Mounting Class

Plant Mounting Class

Learn all about the variety and care of epiphytic plants (think airplants, hoyas, bromeliads and others) and then have a hands-on experience mounting them to decorative pieces of wood using sphagnum moss as the planting medium.

  • “Thanks so much for being a part of our company picnic on Saturday! Everyone had a great time and LOVED the terrariums (including the CEO)!”

    Racine, Guidewire
  • “OMG I cannot tell you how people are all still raving!!!! The clients that attended are flooding us with thank-you’s and the video went viral internally and EVERYONE across the nation is commenting. You nailed it! AWESOME event Ken!!”

    Autumn, Hilton Hotels

Private Planting Bar

Let us create our popular Planting Bar at your event! We offer one of the Bay Area’s largest selection of decorative rocks, mosses, and sand to maximize creative potential. The Planting Bar is a super fun and affordable way to have a large group make plant art together. We set out a diverse selection of plants, and all of the supplies, so that people can jump in and work at their own pace. Our knowledgeable staff is there to explain what to do and help shepherd the party. You select the type of project (terrarium, vertical garden, traditional planter). All the projects come with a box for travel and care instructions for the plant art.

For the onsite planting bar at Succulence click here ›

Virtual Events

People Price Shipping(Optional)
For 8-25 $55/person $14
For 26-100 $50/person $14

Classes at your location

People Price Travel Charge
For 12-20 $65/person $150 (for set/up and breakdown)
For 21-35 $60/person $150 (for set/up and breakdown)
For 36-50 $55/person $150 (for set/up and breakdown)
For 51+ $50/person $0

Minimum $895 for groups less than 12. Includes travel charge.

Private Planting Bar Rates

Project Price Travel Charge
3.5″ Square Ceramic Planters Succulents (1-3 2″ plants) $25/person – 50 person minimum $150
4″ Terrariums Succulents or Airplants (1-3 2″ plants) $25/person – 50 person minimum $150
5″ Terrariums Succulents or Airplants (2-4 2″ plants) $35/person – 50 person minimum $150
5″ Square Ceramic Planters Succulents (1 4″ plant and 1-2 2″ plants) $45/person – 50 person minimum $150
5″ Vertical Garden (6-8 2″ plants) $45/person – 50 person minimum $150
Travel set-up fee waived at 75-person reservation

For the offsite Planting Bar, we can offer flat rate pricing for groups under 50. Email us for rates.

If you cancel your event with more than 30 days’ notice, your deposit will be refunded less a 10% administrative fee. If your event is more than 30 days in the future, we are happy to reschedule your event one time without charge, schedules permitting; more than one request to reschedule your event will result in a 10% administrative fee. If you need to modify your event (change the number of people or the type of event) with more than 30 days’ notice, we will happily accommodate such requests if we can, subject to our other policies such as minimum class size requirements. If you cancel your event less than 30 days but more than 7 days prior to your event, the 10% administrative fee will be deducted from your deposit, and the balance of the deposit will be returned to you in the form of a gift card which can be used for anything in the store or toward a class or event on a different date, and will not expire. We do not offer any refunds and cannot accommodate any rescheduling requests or class modifications within 7 days of your scheduled event. The size of your class or event must be finalized at the time of your final payment (7 days prior to your event). We are happy to accommodate increases in class size at any time, materials and staffing availability permitting. We cannot offer any refunds or price reductions for reductions in class size within 7 days of your event.

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