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Vertical Gardening – Is it for you?

Vertical Gardening. Is it for you? Here are some thoughts on it that we’ve been having. If you want to know more, sign up for one of our classes, or call/email us for a consultation. The link to sign up for our classes is at the bottom of this post. Happy gardening!

Vertical gardening has become very popular lately. And that is an awesome thing! What a cool way to bring art and gardening together. Whether we are looking to adorn an outside wall or an inside wall, there are awesome possibilities for framed or unframed living art on those walls.

In today’s internet world, we are seeing a lot of gorgeously made and photographed vertical gardens. Some of them are walls that nearly anyone can have in their home or garden! However, many of them are not quite as realistic as we’d like. It doesn’t take much to utilize one of the many vertical gardening products on the market in creating a lovely succulent garden. Whether you are using a Gro-Vert panel or a Plantasy wood-framed masterpiece (both of which we LOVE), or any number of other great vertical gardening products, you can fill these with succulents and hang them up and boom! You have a vertical garden. However, what happens a month later? Five months later? Next year?

Succulent plants and vertical gardening products are not inexpensive. Neither is your time or your professional gardener’s time. So when you are contemplating creating a vertical garden there are a lot of details to be accounted for. Where is your light? What are your parameters for measuring it? Are you willing to install special lighting for your garden? How about watering? Will you have automatic irrigation with a pump and a timer? Will there be a tank to catch your overflow once the garden has been watered? What is directly below your garden? Can that get wet? What plants will you use? Are you flexible with this desire?

Questions, questions, questions.

There are many ways to put up a vertical garden, and nearly every problem or difficulty that may be encountered has a solution. Some of those solutions are pretty costly. Some solutions are just about switching your mindset perhaps to different plants or different locations.

We will be addressing a lot of these thoughts in a series of posts over the coming months. We absolutely love to design and build vertical gardens and want to be your main vendor for this work. We also want to be as realistic as possible about the long-term growth of these gardens so you aren’t just happy the day we install, but long into the future.