The holidays are always such an interesting time of the year. On the one hand, they are a time of connection and joy, and on the other hand, they can be divisive and isolating.

When I was a young man, I loved Hanukah. As an American Jew, my family didn’t celebrate Christmas, but we had 8 full days of Hanukah! We sang songs and ate special foods (mmm, Latkes!). My parents generally were modest with their gifts; a pack of cards one night, dreidles for all another night. Every few years we would have a big Hanukah and one year that meant receiving the original Space 1999 Eagle 1 spaceship! That year was memorable.

As time went on, and the differences between Christmas and Hanukah (and then eventually Kwanza) became apparent, this time of year lost a bit of its shine. It felt awkward and exclusive. Not being in the Christmas club was a challenge for a young teenager! I took those feelings into my adulthood and before I had kids of my own, I even dabbled in not celebrating any holidays at all. Of course, that changed with my own little ones came along.

At Succulence, the holiday season means so much to us. As anyone can probably guess, most retail stores do a very large percentage of their yearly business during the five weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And we spend a lot of careful planning to offer the highest quality creations we can find and make.  At the shop, we experience a wide range of feelings. There is joy, and excitement; thrilling desire and cautious hope. There is also stress. That is a part of it.

As we gear up for the holidays at Succulence, our front window display is such a big part of our thoughts. How to say it all in our window? And what is it we are trying to say? This year, I found myself feeling clear with my statement.


While our differences are highlighted over and over throughout the year (take the 2014 elections for example), during this moment in time I want to feel inclusive. I want to be extended. I’m striving for ubiquitous. I want to be sweeping. Widespread. Comprehensive. Compendious!

People, maybe we can’t just “get along”. Because we don’t “just” do anything. We do it all. That’s what makes us beautiful. And unique. And rare. And uncommon.

If we can’t “just” do something, let’s make sure to do it “somewhat”. Let’s put time and effort and joy into sometimes getting along. Let’s say hi to strangers on the street. Let’s reach out of our age bracket and make a friend of a different generation.

Let’s make eye contact. Eyes are so beautiful. And rich. And succulent. Let’s look into each others eyes and remember that the only path to betterment is the path we all take together.

Happy Thanksgiving, people. Peace.


Love and kisses,